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If you’re a college athlete or college athlete influencer, you deserve the best agency to support you and help you get your lucky break beyond the college field. NIL for college athletes in Ohio provides the guidance and support you need to get athlete endorsements for top athlete brands in the industry. You don’t have to look further to get your name and image in front of the right people to start making a name for yourself in the athletic industry.

PowerNIL Athlete Sports Endorsement and Influencers in Ohio

Whether you’re an athlete who wants to do athlete sports endorsements or an athletic brand looking for memorable athletes for sports endorsements, you can trust PowerNIL to help you find the perfect match. When you contact PowerNIL for athlete brands in Ohio, we will work with you to find the best athletes to represent your brand or connect athletes with the most suitable brands. Find out what we can do for brands!

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About PowerNIL
1st NIL Deal/2021 -Thayer Munford (The Ohio State University/now LV Raiders) with Ken Feinberg (PowerNIL Founder/President) @ client: Haasz Automall

About PowerNIL

To be the trusted subject matter experts to brands and athletes as each navigates the uncharted waters and new frontier of NIL deals. To do so, we have assembled a team of successful and diverse professionals that combine different, but necessary, areas of expertise to educate, counsel, and assist brands and/or athletes in all things NIL. We are interested in building relationships that endure based on knowledge, trust, integrity, and reputation.

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"PowerNIL made my first experience with Name, Image & Likeness very smooth. I was uncertain and uncomfortable with the process but after a consultation with Ken Feinberg, I understood that having someone represent my interest with both knowledge and integrity was going to be crucial to help me navigate through the process.  I let the team at PowerNIL know which player I was interested in working with along with the details of the arrangement and they handled the entire process.  That included communication with the University admin and all legal docs necessary to protect the interest of all parties.  This was a great experience and I will definitely be using them again!"

Matt Guarnieri

“As a former Division 1 basketball player for the university of Memphis, and now a surgeon in Memphis, I am supportive of college athletics and appreciate the hard work and sacrifices made by all athletes. I was totally on board when Ken with PowerNIL approached me with the idea of sponsoring athletes via NIL for community service projects.  I view this as a win-win-win for the athlete, the community, and I feel great about it as well. More people should consider this strategy and contact PowerNIL, experts in this area to help create and execute a plan.”

Danielle Barnard, MD

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We strive to develop a strategy to maximize the NIL value of collegiate student-athletes to best achieve your goals for promotion, support, and/or philanthropy.

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We can identify companies offering goods and services to support your personal brand and which are identifiable with your followers and fans.

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